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April 9, 2003

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Dimitri, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dimitri
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hamster
Home: California, USA
   Meet Dimitri! He's a Normal Mottled Dwarf Hamster. He's a speedy boy that enjoys running in his ball and of course, on his wheel. When he's not dashing about, he enjoys sleeping upside down, eating strawberries, grooming, and rolling in his sand bath. He's quite the deep sleeper because he tires himself out so much! He's a little on the shy side, but he is very sweet once he warms up to you. He's a little tiny for his age because his breeding line was smaller than normal - but he has a big personality! He has two other dwarf hamsters in neighboring cages: Ivan and Boris.

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