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September 22, 2002

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Maple Ears, the Pet of the Day
Name: Maple Ears
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Gold Hill, Oregon, USA
   This is my beautiful bunny rabbit, Maple Ears. I've had her since she was two months old. She has had bad experiences with dogs and she does not like it when dogs come too close. But my dogs are good and have learned to stay away.

    About five months ago some dogs terrorized my Maple Ears and her three babies. It was horrible but my rabbits are strong. The dogs chased them around in their pen and bit them through the chicken wire. Luckily the bites were small. My Maple Ears got the worst of it, though. One of the dogs bit her tail off through the pen!! It was terrible but she was perfectly fine and is fully recovered. She did not bleed at all. The dog must have grabbed her tail and pulled and she pulled away which resulted in her tail coming off. I did not know that rabbits grow their tails back but her tail is almost all the way grown back!

    Maple Ears is the proud mother of three girls with whom she graciously shares her huge pen with! Her boyfriend is a handsome mini-rex named Buns.

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