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September 5, 2002

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Henri, the Pet of the Day
Name: Henri
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Senegal Parrot
Home: Chehalis, Washington, USA
   Henri likes to model hats and sing songs. Early in Henri's life he chose to sing instead of talk and he has accumulated several favorite songs. "When the Saints go Marching In," "Mayberry Song," and most favorite is the OLE "Wolf whistle" which gets a lot of attention from passing golfers.

    Over the years, he has become more attentive to my wife than me. He has even aggressively attacked me on certain occasions, and the bite he has is very impressive. He loves the rubs and attention from us and has a very spoiled life. We have actually got him potty-trained. Upon leaving his cage he goes directly to his potty pad. He also likes to play with his dog partner, a Pomeranian named Tuffy who is three. Henri's favorite treat is mints.

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