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September 1, 2002

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Lady Bird, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lady Bird
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Vosmarei Eclectus Parrot
Home: Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
   This is Lady Bird, a Vosmarei Eclectus Parrot. She is so special. She loves to be with you and can say about eight different things. Her favorite word is "Hello" and she always greets you with Hello. Her favorite food is papaya and pomegranates. She is so delightful to be around you can't not love my bird. Lady Bird is so special because I waited 10 months for her. She always is pleasant to be around. She likes to be with you and enjoys your company. Her favorite trick is to always go from the table to her chair to sit on. During dinner she has her own chair. She sits on the back of the chair and sometimes she tries to come over get food off your plate and we tell her Lady, get back on your chair, and she goes back and hops from the table and sits on her chair. She likes to play chase the ball. She is so funny she growls and runs after the ball. She also will pick up wooden clothes pins and put them in a wide mouth jar. The very sweetest thing is when I tell her "I love you," she says "I love you too!" How can you not love a bird that returns your love like she does! She is still a baby so there is so much left to teach her. We are working on "gimme a kiss!" Affectionate yes! But she doesn't like her feathers messed up. Basically she is a loving, wonderful bird to own.

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