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Lady Bird the Vosmarei Eclectus Parrot Lady Bird
Vosmarei Eclectus Parrot
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
September 01, 2002

CinnaBun the Holland Lop Rabbit CinnaBun
Holland Lop Rabbit
Fountain Valley, California, USA
September 02, 2002

Snickers the Sugar Glider Snickers
Sugar Glider
Brandon, Florida, USA
September 03, 2002

Fork the Giant African Bullfrog Fork
Giant African Bullfrog
Garden Grove, California, USA
September 04, 2002

Henri the Senegal Parrot Henri
Senegal Parrot
Chehalis, Washington, USA
September 05, 2002

Junior the Chinchilla Junior
British Columbia, Canada
September 06, 2002

Sheila Rae the Black Hooded Rat Sheila Rae
Black Hooded Rat
Columbia, Missouri, USA
September 07, 2002

George, T Bunny the Dwarf Lop, Dutch George, T Bunny
Dwarf Lop, Dutch
Garden Grove, California, USA
September 08, 2002

Kowboy the Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse Kowboy
Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse
Maryland, USA
September 09, 2002

Simon the Mini lop Rabbit Simon
Mini lop Rabbit
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
September 10, 2002

Spartacus, Idefix the Cockatoo Spartacus, Idefix
Arizona, USA
September 11, 2002

Grover the African Hedgehog Grover
African Hedgehog
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
September 12, 2002

Jasper the Sable Ferret Jasper
Sable Ferret
Lambertville, New Jersey, USA
September 13, 2002

Phatty the Holland Lop Rabbit Phatty
Holland Lop Rabbit
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
September 14, 2002

Taddy, Dutchess the Mouse Taddy, Dutchess
September 15, 2002

Chili the Guinea Pig Chili
Guinea Pig
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
September 16, 2002

Pig Pig the Lop Rabbit Pig Pig
Lop Rabbit
Hong Kong
September 17, 2002

Betty the Cockatiel Betty
Los Osos, California, USA
September 18, 2002

Cotton the Hedgehog Cotton
Michigan, USA
September 19, 2002

Ralph the Teddy Bear Hamster Ralph
Teddy Bear Hamster
September 20, 2002

Gonzo the Patagonian Conure Gonzo
Patagonian Conure
South Africa
September 21, 2002

Maple Ears the Rabbit Maple Ears
Gold Hill, Oregon, USA
September 22, 2002

Charlie the Pekin Duck Charlie
Pekin Duck
Melbourne, Australia
September 23, 2002

Roo the Chinchilla Roo
Minnesota, USA
September 24, 2002

Lloyd the Guinea Pig Lloyd
Guinea Pig
Hill Air Force Base, Northern Utah, USA
September 25, 2002

Tweeky the Parakeet Tweeky
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada
September 26, 2002

Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic
Chatham, Ontario, Canada
September 27, 2002

Carling the Dutch Rabbit Carling
Dutch Rabbit
Coventry, UK
September 28, 2002

Skittles the Blue Rex Rat Skittles
Blue Rex Rat
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA
September 29, 2002

Tabetha the European Starling Tabetha
European Starling
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA
September 30, 2002

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