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October 31, 2002

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Winston, the Pet of the Day
Name: Winston
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Solomon Island Eclectus
Home: South Florida, USA
   Winston here, a Solomon Island Eclectus, wishes to all the pets and children of the world a Happy Halloween!

    He lives in South Florida and enjoys the outdoor very much. A very tamed, calm and friendly parrot, Winston has already started to say few 'human words' such as a warm "Alllllo" when meeting new people. (He has learnt to say Hello with my French accent... too cute!) He whistles when he sees the kitty cats in the house and they run to see if I am calling them!

    Winston loves to tease!! Winston is a stunning beauty from inside out. He has e very sweet nature not an ounce of aggressiveness. He loves everyone and has no prejudice about humans or pets - he's a perfect example of unconditional love!

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