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October 27, 2002

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Momma Copper, the Pet of the Day
Name: Momma Copper
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Texel Guinea Pig
Home: Ohio, USA
   Momma Copper is one of 40 rescued/adopted guinea pigs who have spots in our hearts. She was rescued from a neglect situation along with 14 other cavies in June 2001 (over 70 living in horrible conditions). She came to us very pregnant, malnourished, 90% bald and dehydrated and we honestly didn't think she would survive. The morning after she arrived she gave birth to four precious babies (only three survived and are now fifteen months old and also a part of our family). She is the most affectionate of all the guinea pigs and trusts us humans completely, like she knows we saved her life. She was just nine months old when she came to us yet the litter she had here was her third - she had been pregnant for seven months of her life.

    Since coming to us she has been able to enjoy a life of luxury and endless food. She loves all veggies and fruits and she loves to be held and will spend hours just sleeping in a lap. Out of all our guinea pigs Momma Copper is our most special because she is our miracle girl ... all of the experts I got in touch with the night she arrived gave us low odds for her survival yet she is thriving 15 months later. And, as you can see, she doesn't look now like she was ever bald!

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