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October 20, 2002

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Baby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Baby
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel, Lutino
Home: Oakland, California, USA
   My name is Baby. I came to the family when I was two weeks old. I have a mom, two aunts, one uncle, two grandparents, and a great-grandparent. When I was young, I kept thinking I was human because my mom was always with me, 24 hours a day. When I refused to eat seeds and was only willing to drink from the syringe, they bought me Pica, another companion my age, to show me how to eat my food properly. Actually, I picked Pica myself. My family brought me to the pet store, harassed the store owner for hours by having each cockatiel meet and interact with me in person to ensure that I can get along with my new friend. Pica happened to be the one I liked the most.

    My beautiful young mother, who rarely smiles so delightfully at anyone except me :), spent months researching about me through all types of available resources and practically typed up her own book (detailed instructions on how to take care of me) and forced all my family members to read and memorize before I came to the house. I live in a cage big enough to fit five birds, with all types of foods and vegi. But my favorite place is still the dining room, and my favorite food is still food from my mom's plate and mouth. I get more than 50 kisses everyday from my family members, so I have to take a shower every week to get rid of the yucky lipsticks and smell. The small picture shows how I look like after taking a bath. I don't even have to dry myself because that's my mom's job. I guess I'm totally spoiled because my mom said so. My cage is opened 24 hours a day, and I'm rarely in my cage except at bedtime. When I don't get my ways, I would cry and wail like a real baby, then perch on top of the door, and ignore all calling and cajoling. Last time my aunt grabbed and yelled at me (behind my mom's back) for chewing up her computer cable, and of course I screamed back at her. I ignored her many days after that and wouldn't let her hold me because I was so mad at her.

    I guess I'm luckier than my next door neighbors because I have a doting mom who's afraid that I my feelings would get hurt if I ever had my wings clipped, so I get to fly from room to room, from the basement to the second floor. I can fly faster and better than any of my neighbors. I can make turns in the air at any time and fly for more than 3 minutes without stopping. Pica was unlucky. His wings were clipped since he was young, so now even after his wings grew back, he flies crookedly, can't land gracefully like me, and can only fly up to ten seconds the most before he falls and starts panting and running out of his breath. I have so many toys that I'm sick and tired of them.

    My mom travels constantly. I miss her a lot and enter a depressive state when she's gone, but I'm always excited to hear her calling me on speaker phone. Her biggest luggage every time is my toys. She bought me tons of weird toys from different countries, all stacked in big closets, unopened. I guess they can last until I die. But I rarely play with them because I only like to play with things that my mom herself so selfishly plays but disallows me to, such as her computer keyboard, her toothbrush, combs, pens, cloth hangers, stuff animals, books, shoelaces, glasses, jewelry, etc. Anything she touches, I have to chew. Unlike my companion Pica, I never whistle or sing because I'm a girl. Despite that, my mom still loves me more than Pica and praises me like crazy everyday because?well, because she's my mom! And I believe everything she tells me. So let me tell ya, I'm the most lovable, adorable, charming, intelligent, sweet, delightful, yet naughty, disobedient, destructive, spoiled and pampered little brat!

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