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October 19, 2002

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Ido, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ido
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dutch Gelding
Home: Tel Aviv, Israel
   If Ido wasn't so special I wouldn't have bought him, since I know how expensive it is to be the owner of a horse, and I live on Israeli Army paycheck that barely covers the farrier fee. But I have been riding Ido for seven months now, first six months of that I was just helping his previous owner three times a week. So when his owners had to move abroad, he asked me first if I would like to buy him - and I didn't think it would be possible. But I really love this horse and I couldn't bear the thought of him going somewhere else, where I won't be able to see him again. With a lot of help from my family, I bought him. I love him so much because he's a big horse with a big heart and he shows his feelings (when happy, when insulted etc.) He is such a playful horse you just can't ignore him! He has an extended trot not many horse can perform, he is strong but so gentle! I just can't think of my life without him!

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