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October 4, 2002

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Karma, the Pet of the Day
Name: Karma
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Paint Horse
Home: Maryland, USA
   My and Karma's story began two years ago when my riding instructor was helping me with my search for my first horse! I was simply looking for a horse that would be suitable for me, a beginner rider, but my search seemed endless, riding all over the state seeing and riding different horses, none of which really seemed "be the one" for me. Then one day my instructor referred me to a farm to go and see a horse she though might be suitable. That particular horse and I didn't seem to be a match either, so I asked the owner if she had any other horses for sale. She brought out two other horses, one of them was a very sad looking Paint horse.

    Poor girl was an eyesore, nothing like any of the other horses I had gone to see. She was underweight with ribs & hips protruding, she was still bearing a scraggly winter hair coat in the middle of June, and she hadn't even the energy to lift her head. But, putting aside her looks, and after spending some time with her, grooming her and going for a short ride, I new that my search was over - there was no doubt that she was the companion I had been looking for!! Karma and I are fortunate to live on a beautiful farm where she has seven acres of lush green pasture to spend her days grazing. She has the company of three wonderful pasture mates - Kowboy, Jingo and Bella - the four of them have been together since Karma has moved to the farm, and they have formed strong bonds together. It didn't take long for Karma to gain some weight, and for us to bring out her gorgeous soft & shiny hair coat. Her wonderful personality emerged over time too as her energy level increased - she's a curious, playful and spirited girl!!

    I couldn't ask for a horse with better manners - on the ground and in the saddle. She has been an absolute joy to ride ever since day one. With the help of my riding instructor, and weekly lessons, both of us have learned so much together! I cherish each and every day that I have with Karma, and look forward to our future together. She is an absolute dream come true for me !!! Mommy loves you angel-girl!!!

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