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Rico the Blue and Gold Macaw Rico
Blue and Gold Macaw
Byhalia, Mississippi, USA
October 01, 2002

Yoga the Albino Cranwells Horned Frog Yoga
Albino Cranwells Horned Frog
Garden Grove, California, USA
October 02, 2002

Trapper the Rabbit Trapper
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
October 03, 2002

Karma the Paint Horse Karma
Paint Horse
Maryland, USA
October 04, 2002

Tintin the Senegal Parrot Tintin
Senegal Parrot
Sweden, Europe
October 05, 2002

Goliath the Hamster Goliath
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
October 06, 2002

Tory the Morgan Horse Tory
Morgan Horse
Hooksett, New Hampshire, USA
October 07, 2002

Sunkist the Sun Conure Sunkist
Sun Conure
Reston, Virginia, USA
October 08, 2002

D'Artagnon the African Pygmy Hedgehog D'Artagnon
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Ohio, USA
October 09, 2002

Baxter the Congo African Grey Baxter
Congo African Grey
Syosset, Long Island, New York, USA
October 10, 2002

Smokey the Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Smokey
Giant Chinchilla Rabbit
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
October 11, 2002

Squeaky the Guinea Pig Squeaky
Guinea Pig
October 12, 2002

Luna the Canadian Bullfrog Luna
Canadian Bullfrog
New York, USA
October 13, 2002

Ferrari the Ferret Ferrari
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
October 14, 2002

Mango the Pied Cockatiel Mango
Pied Cockatiel
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
October 15, 2002

Thumper the Rabbit Thumper
British Columbia, Canada
October 16, 2002

Shanti the Macaw Parrot Shanti
Macaw Parrot
Greenwood, Indiana, USA
October 17, 2002

Jessie the Guinea Pig Jessie
Guinea Pig
Ohio, USA
October 18, 2002

Ido the Dutch Gelding Ido
Dutch Gelding
Tel Aviv, Israel
October 19, 2002

Baby the Cockatiel Baby
Oakland, California, USA
October 20, 2002

Max the Peruvian Guinea Pig Max
Peruvian Guinea Pig
West Midlands, UK
October 21, 2002

Tweety the Parakeet Tweety
Fairfax, Virginia, USA
October 22, 2002

Bindy the Rabbit, Mini Rex Bindy
Rabbit, Mini Rex
October 23, 2002

Waddles the Red Lored Amazon Waddles
Red Lored Amazon
E. Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA
October 24, 2002

Sneaky the Gerbil Sneaky
San Antonio, Texas, USA
October 25, 2002

Lucy the Goat Lucy
South Louisiana, USA
October 26, 2002

Momma Copper the Texel Guinea Pig Momma Copper
Texel Guinea Pig
Ohio, USA
October 27, 2002

Freckles the Lop Rabbit Freckles
Lop Rabbit
Los Angeles, California, USA
October 28, 2002

Hamtaro the Black Bear Syrian Hamster Hamtaro
Black Bear Syrian Hamster
New Jersey, USA
October 29, 2002

Walter the Tortoise Walter
Austin, Texas, USA
October 30, 2002

Winston the Solomon Island Eclectus Winston
Solomon Island Eclectus
South Florida, USA
October 31, 2002

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