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November 30, 2002

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Larry and Moe, the Pet of the Day
Name: Larry and Moe
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf Hamsters
Home: Pickering, Ontario, Canada
   We are brothers and have such a sweet personality! We like to hang out together all the time, we sleep,eat,and play side by side! Gosh if we do not see are mate we go searching to see what they are up too! We do not bite and hang out in our play tub to find the hidden treasures that are scattered about. We love to sleep in a macaroni box it's so comfy in that small space and dark too! We like to keep busy by searching for our food that are owners hide amongst are litter, it keeps us busy and entertained at the same time. We have not bitten any one, no need to, we are treated with so much love and given more then we can ever dream of! We are healthy little boys who love to get into things, especially the pockets of shirts so we can get carried around to different places to investigate all the different surroundings. We are very mellow and relaxed dwarf boys, you hear about the ones who bite, Not us! I think that's why we are so special to our owners!!

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