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November 9, 2002

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Maru, the Pet of the Day
Name: Maru
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rat
Home: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
   It makes me break into a wide grin (bearing of my fangs) when I think of the day I got my little vermin friend, Maru. I originally got her from a pet store using what was left of my pocket money ($). She was so small and tiny, with beady black eyes full of intelligence & curiosity; I could not resist. I took her home in her cardboard box. Set her in a clean cage with Aspen wood shavings for bedding, an old sock for a bed, a bowl full of nourishing food, and a new plastic water bottle full of H2O.

    So, Maru is an adult right now, around a year old. Sometimes I take her skateboarding with me, she doesn't mind it: sitting on my bulbous shoulder with the wind in her fur. Her claws submerge into my neck. She hasn't fallen once! :) The sweetness of her amazes me, she just licks my hands. Maybe it's because I need a shower. Or maybe... just maybe... it's a sign of affection that she loves me so. Her favorite food is blueberries an' she likes to explore gardens outdoors and sometimes she plays with my African Pygmy Hedgehog, "Billy Bill". I'm not sure what astrological sign she is, but if I knew I'd tell the world. Maru is very special to me. Guess what? I'm prob'ly going get her a nice boyfriend rat. A extraordinary hairless one. I hope you enjoy looking at the rat that was named after a Japanese restaurant. Perhaps rats will greet you in your slumber one day!

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