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November 7, 2002

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Woody Too, the Pet of the Day
Name: Woody Too
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rose Breasted Cockatoo
Home: Newport, North Carolina, USA
   Here is my Cockatoo 'Woody Too.' She is eleven months old and a real sweetie. This is the first 'larger bird' we have had; having been owners of Cockatiels before. Our last Cockatiel, Woody, passed away at age fourteen years and we were heartbroken. So this little darling was my Christmas present from my husband last year. Having no children, only one dog and now this beautiful bird make my life very happy. She was slow to "bond" but has been a real baby, and is very gentle. She is my baby every day. Her first words were 'Come here!" and she looks forward to her daily "Good Morning Kiss," which she gently returns, saying the last part of 'kiss'.. kind of a long 'isssss', which is so cute. To know her is to love her.

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