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November 6, 2002

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Mr. Bird and Zazu, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mr. Bird, Zazu
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Zebra Finches
Home: South Pasadena, California, USA
   This is Mr. Bird and Zazu. Mr. Bird is a little fat and Zazu is very skinny. I wasn't the one that named Mr. Bird and Zazu. My sister named them. They are very special because they wake me up in the morning with their chirping. Their kind of bird comes from South America. Mr. Bird and Zazu are a little shy but they are my best friends. My birds are usually happy and singing. But sometimes Mr. Bird chases after Zazu, and Zazu flies fast around the birdcage. After they get their fresh water and food in the morning, they each take a bath and groom themselves. Mr. Bird and Zazu are like best friends and they sleep very close to each other every night. Zazu is more affectionate, while Mr. Bird is the independent type. They both look alike with zebra-like markings and their orange colored earmuffs. Sometimes I get confused as to who is who! They both like to ring their bell and look in their mirror. They make a lot of noise at night if we don't turn out the light when they are ready to go to sleep.

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