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May 31, 2002

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El Poncho Villa, the Pet of the Day
Name: El Poncho Villa
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Teddy Bear hamster
Home: Syracuse, New York, USA
   This is El Poncho Villa, the hamster. Poncho (we call him that for short) is named after the Mexican outlaw, El Pancho Villa. Although he is much sweeter than his namesake, Poncho is a professional escape artist. Rest assured, without a book or heavy object holding down the top of his cage, he will find a way out in a matter of minutes! He demands recognition because he is big, fluffy, and quite honestly the cutest hamster alive.

    But what really makes him so different from other "hammies" is his love for country music. When his family turns on the radio to a country music station, he will wake up and arrange his bed so he can sit and listen to the music. For a hamster that never sits still unless sleeping, this is a marvelous feat! Even if he is out of the cage, he will stop what ever he is doing to sit and listen to the music. He favorites are Tim McGraw and Toby Keith (two country music stars).

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