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May 20, 2002

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Bugsy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bugsy
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dutch Rabbit
Home: Alabama, USA
   This is Bugsy. This is my first rabbit and he's a great pet. I wasn't planning on getting one until I went to the pet store and held him and then I knew I had to go back and take him home with me. When I first got him he would lay in his food bowl every time he ate but now he's getting to big and he just sticks his feet in it. Every day I'll let him out of his cage to get some exercise and he will go straight under my bed. I have a lot of boxes and things for him to climb on and it's like a playground for him. The funniest thing about him is when he gets excited and starts running, jumping, and spinning in the air. When he wants to be petted he comes up to you and licks your hand and then sticks his nose under your hand telling you "Now it's my turn."

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