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May 16, 2002

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Morris, the Pet of the Day
Name: Morris
Age: Seventeen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Senegal Parrot
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
   Meet Morris! Senegal parrots are often called "a large parrot in a small package." This summer he will turn 18 years old and he has been my life companion for nine years. We live in Stockholm, Sweden. This means he can only be outdoors in the summertime, he seems to enjoy life anyway. Morris is special to me because he is my first parrot. He has a great personality, and is very affectionate. He is a beloved member of my family. I've had several pets, and other birds before. They are all individuals. I believe animals are more intelligent than most people think.

    One summer I took care of pets when their humans went on vacation. Morris owner told me I could "adopt" him! She was just beginning her work as a veterinarian, and didn't have the time caring for a parrot. At first I was in doubt because he can be a mean little rascal to strangers. After a few months Morris and I were completely bonded to each other. He has got his parrot habits, needs and "humour," for example when he imitates the alarm clock on early weekend mornings ... sigh. He actually laughs! Like most Senegals he loves having a shower. He is very self-confident and will dominate cats, dogs and larger parrots. Sometimes he is a little too brave... His bird-company/neighbors are three young budgies and a cockatiel. When he is excited he will go jumping on the floor, or turn a somersault. He is like a child that never grows up. He is a great joy in my life!

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