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May 8, 2002

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Bugsy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bugsy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini Lop
Home: Gulfport, Mississippi, USA
   We were told that Bugsy was a Mini Lop by the breeder, but I guess he didn't listen. His ears never did go down. We love him anyway! Bugsy has a huge two story cage outside but, he loves coming in the house and claiming the couch as his. He doesn't mind sharing but he considers himself "king of the couch". He is very active and gets along wonderfully with our three children, three dogs, cat, and two birds. He loves all kinds of veggies and considers dried bread a special delicacy and gobbles it up!

    Bugsy is very independent. He will snuggle with us on the (read "his") couch. He loves his free time outside and has dug a tunnel completely under one corner of his cage. Bugsy likes to come up to our Giant Schnauzer, Dee, and give her Eskimo Kisses (rub noses). He is very inquisitive and has to check out anything new. He loves it when we bring groceries home! We throw the empty paper bags in the living room for him and he digs through them and looks through them all. He likes empty boxes too. Bugsy shared his home for a while with a little black stray kitten that has adopted us. They have become good friends. He has a two-story home made from our Giant Schnauzers old cage. Inside his cage he also has a wooden box that our then nine-year-old son and his Dad made for him filled with straw and hay for him to snuggle up in.

    Bugsy is a master of escape and if he gets out and doesn't want to go back in he will just hop away from us and play "catch me if you can!" We have one acre and it can be next to impossible to get him when he doesn't want to. On command Dee will herd him back to his home. She is the only one quick enough to keep up with him. Bugsy doesn't seem to hold a grudge. After laying down in his cage for a bit he will still come and give her kisses.

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