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May 4, 2002

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The Import, the Pet of the Day
Name: The Import
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Northern Leopard Frog
Home: New York, USA
   The Import is a special frog! He is named The Import because he came with us from Canada, where he grew up in a swampy area. We learned that some people hunted his swamps, for frogs to use as... fishing bait! This struck me as very cruel and unnecessary, so we decided to rescue Import from such a fate. We caught him on the last day of a Canadian excursion, and he travelled home with us in a coffee cup! The Import, rather than become fish food, now happily spends his days in a nice mossy terrarium, trapping crickets, and still believing he is in the wild! (Just don't let him know he isn't... he thinks he still is!) Now two inches in length, he has reached his adult size, and he can safely live out his days lazing about his tank.

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