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May 2, 2002

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Loretta, the Pet of the Day
Name: Loretta
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Budgerigar
Home: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
   Loretta is the queen of our house, don't think for one minute that this bird is shy! We got Loretta when she was just eight weeks old, hand-fed, hand-raised she came to us barely making a peep, now at five, she is a wordly, cultured, sophisticated budgie!

    Loretta enjoys carrots, pasta, bananas and yogurt. She croons along with Frank Sinatra and loves a loud, action packed pirate movie. Loretta lures guests to her cage with the tossing of her milk caps (she has five to her credit) when there, guest are given the once-over for eye glasses or jewelry, it's her passion to play with both! A keen observer, few things go unnoticed by Loretta. She never hesitates to voice her dismay or her joy. Our nightly dining partner, our alarm and our track star is Loretta, we love her and thank her for her company!

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