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March 28, 2002

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Tank, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tank
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Whitecap Macaw Parrot
Home: Clovis, New Mexico, USA
   Tank is a Whitecap Macaw Parrot. He loves to sing and he is very talkative. Among his favorite phrases are "Pretty Bird," "I love you," "What ever," "Yabba Dabba Do," and a "Wolf Whistle" just to name a few. His favorite times of the day is meal time. Tank loves to have some of whatever food that is being served at mealtime and one of his favorites is Scrambled Eggs. He loves Peanut Butter Cookies, home made of course, but they tend to make him a bit high from the sugar. Occasionally he over eats and gets a tummy ache but he never lets that slow him down. Tank Rules the Airways of the house.

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