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March 26, 2002

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Quasimodo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Quasimodo
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gerbil
Home: Sweden
   Goblin's Quasimodo is my little favorite of all my gerbils, right now I have eight gerbils. Quasimodo's color is dark eyed honey. That's my favorite color! Isn't it beautiful - The nice honey fur and the beautiful big black eyes. I am a gerbil breeder, I call my brood Goblin's gerbils. I bred Quasimodo myself. In the Swedish championship for 2002 Goblin's Quasimodo won. So, he is the most beautiful gerbil in Sweden right now! Isn't it cool? After the contest he got some titles so now he is called SCW - 02 Int. Ch. Sp. Goblin's Quasimodo. Let me explain, SCW - 02 stands for Swedish Championship Winner 2002, Int. Ch. stands for International Champion and Sp. stands for SilverPet. The title SCW - 02 he got because he won, and the Int. Ch. he got because he got three Certificates from the standardclass judges and Sp. he is called because he got 3 A:s from the Petclass judges. Hard to understand? Hope not!

    Quasimodo is so sweet and tender, he likes to sit in my hand and watch. He stands on his back paws and look around. He lives in a big aquarium (110 x 50 cm) with four other boys. They have lots of space to dig tunnels and nests. They also have lots of paper to chew on. Quasimodo is the affectionate type, he is very kind to the other gerbils in his group. He doesn't ask for much, just someone to sleep beside and someone that cleans his fur sometimes. When I introduce a new gerbil to his group he is very gentle and loving. Right now he is trying to get his girlfriend pregnant! She is one of a kind and won't let him do what he wants! ;) But hopefully they will have beautiful babies soon!

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