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March 25, 2002

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Carly, the Pet of the Day
Name: Carly
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Umbrella Cockatoo
Home: Austin, Texas, USA
   Carly is so sweet. Every evening before she goes to bed - she runs across my bed and dives under the covers and lays her head on my pillow. She wants me to pat her head till she falls asleep. Then I get up and put her in her cage for all night. She's the best pet/ friend I've ever lived with! Carly is so special! I got Carly at a local bird show in June. The breeder said she was twelve weeks old and not finished being weaned...She was so sweet from the very first minute I saw her - she was laying down snuggling her blanket and the woman got her out and let me hold her. I had been holding baby greys all day, determined to buy a big baby (we had other cockatiels) and they had all been pretty bite-y. When I held Carly she laid her head over on me and just hugged...I didn't care how much that bird cost! She was mine!!!!! So I learned how to tube feed her (not an easy task) and took my little baby home... Later, when I got her hatch certificate in the mail, it said she had been seven weeks old when I adopted her. Wow! I had her sexed so I would know she was a girl - although Carly would have been a good name either way.

    Carly will be five in April. She still lays down under the covers and snuggles. She has a huge basket of toys that sits on the coffee table, in the living room upstairs. One of her best tricks is to play "empty" the basket. She will stand on the side of the basket and grab each toy, one by one, and throw them high into the air, and out of the box. When the living room looks as though a tornado crashed into a toy factory, she stops and pulls the stuffing out of something. If I pick everything up right then, she will do the whole thing again. If I wait a few hours (if I can stand the mess) she doesn't seem to mind that all her toys are again in the box and touching each other. haha Just every once in a while.... Carly loves to eat spinach, pizza, cheese, ice cream....she will drink milk too - she's quite the dairy loving bird. Her favorite food though is soup - any type - but she especially loves mushroom soup. She will drink out of any running faucet she sees. She can laugh just like me, she says "I love you," "I love you Carly" and makes up songs to sing with no understandable english in them. She often believes the phone is for her - and pushes her face to the speaking part of the phone and says sentences only she can understand... :)

    A couple of years ago she ate a remote so thoroughly she got to the motherboard of the thing and ate a piece of solder. She got lead poisoning, she was so sick. It was the single most scary time of my whole life, I thought I would lose her. But modern medicine and three different avian vets conspired to give her a trial medicine that would actually bind the hard metals and take them out of her body - it worked! It was a miracle. She's not allowed to eat remotes anymore and I check all of her toys for metals( a good idea for any bird parent)... She and I have lived thru a lot, I love her so much, she's my best friend.

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