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March 10, 2002

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Oatmeal, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oatmeal
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Syrian
Home: Pickering, Ontario, Canada
   My name is Oatmeal; I'm a Syrian female hamster and a rescue that was adopted by my new owners and a very happy girl at that! Here is my story and how I found my new home! I was a very young baby and my owners decided they had to many hamsters and brought me to a shelter and this is where I stayed for three months, gosh was I scared, no one to play with- where did my brothers and sisters go? My mommy is nowhere to be seen also, and all these sounds here and nowhere to hide! When I get up to play or check things out here there are all these strange people walking by my cage and the barking of dogs scares me and no one to cuddle me to let me know it's okay and I'm safe! My life is lonely here as there are so many animals here that need good homes and not enough people who know we are here - I'm a very lovable hamster who still is a bit scared, but does not bite and would love to have a home of my own! My life changed for the better when I noticed these two people standing by my cage one day, a little longer then normal as they usually stop for a few seconds, but not these people they were actually talking to me and opening my cage door! Boy, I better not bite and if I sit pretty they may like me enough to take me home. What's this? They are picking me up and putting me in a huge cage! Gosh it's so big. It's all for me! I soon arrive at my new home and there are other smells here almost like me! More hamsters live here too! Fourteen to be exact.

    Well this was a few months ago and I'm so happy to have a home at last, and a very happy lucky little girl. Finally!


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