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March 7, 2002

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Spock, the Pet of the Day
Name: Spock
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Sweden
   Spock came to live with us in February 2001. He was quite shy (and still is) since he wasn't hand-tamed. We bought him from a pet shop and we estimated his age to be about three to four months old. It was very difficult to tell since his head was a clear yellow with the bright red spots, but he still had his yellow tail feathers. He lost his last yellow tail feather on April 9th, and therefore we have "decided" that his birthday shall be celebrated October 9th.

    When he came to live with us he ate nothing but seeds, millet sprays and cucumber, but with a little (read a lot!) effort he is now converted to Harrison's pellets. It took quite a while with lots of patience (from me) and angry screams and looks (from him). He now seems quite happy with his new diet and just get some millet on occasions.

    Spock is not hand-tamed and is very shy around people he doesn't know. If I have some millet spray in my hand he will however come flying and sit on my hand. He doesn't like being locked inside a cage (who does?) and made that very clear to us from the first time. He almost never sleeps in the cage - most of the time he sleeps on top of it instead. *Sigh* The cage is open day and night, even if we are not at home. We've tried to make our home as "bird-safe" as possible.

    Spock sings very beautifully. He especially sings in the morning, sitting in his tree just outside our bedroom. When he's angry he'll scream, warning all of us for the big, "dangerous" birds outside the window (we live on the fourth floor with the tree tops right outside).

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