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March 1, 2002

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Edgar, the Pet of the Day
Name: Edgar
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lutino Budgerigar
Home: Bainbridge, New York, USA
   We got Edgar in October 2000 in North Carolina. We were immediately drawn to the beautiful, unique budgie but it took some convincing to get my husband to buy into the idea of a bird. But, when he found out they could be taught to talk he thought it was a great idea. Edgar is a beautiful lutino parakeet, all yellow with ruby red eyes. We named him Edgar because we thought it would be fun to teach him to say "Nevermore".

    Edgar is a very special bird indeed, although he doesn't talk the way we do, he definitely has his own language. We can hear him squawking from the other room when he wants us to play. His cage is kept open at all times so he can come and visit us. He comes when he is called and loves to play jokes on us by dropping his favorite toy or treat bag from his cage, so we can pick it up. He loves to eat anything we do, he has to try everything, Mountain Dew and Pepsi cans are his favorite to lick, as well as leafy greens to eat. He also enjoys typing, singing Christmas Carols, and playing his bells along with songs on the radio. He loves bells more than anything. He will sit with us while we are writing or share dinner with us, he especially loves nibbling the pages of our favorite books. Some of his favorite pastimes are to preen the hedgehog and the kitten, as well as give kisses to his favorite people.

    Edgar is one of the most unique birds I have ever seen, he loves the company of people and seems to thrive on it. He has become a real "people" bird. Edgar is a great addition to our family and has a big personality for being such a small guy.

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