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June 26, 2002

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Cody, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cody
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Albino Ferret
Home: New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA
   In Honor Of Cody, My Snuggle Weasel Cody - my very first full of life kid.

    When I first got Cody I knew nothing about ferrets. I wanted to know what they ate and all about them so I could properly take care of him. I got on the Internet and researched all about them. I not only found out about food but different diseases they get. Cody was such a sweet little boy and I didn't want him to live alone so in my search for food I also found shelters. That is when I contacted the PFRA Shelter in Greensburg to see about adopting a mate for Cody. I made the appointment and went down to visit their shelter. I went back the second time with Cody and we came home with not one but two beautiful ferrets named Joey and Phoebe. Joey being an Albino and Phoebe being a Sable.

    I must admit at first I didn't think this was going to work. They would beat him up all the time but slowly we introduced them and they became fast friends. There is no separating them now. In fact they won't let anyone else share their little world. Before Joey and Phoebe came along Cody and I snuggled together and watched Walker Texas Ranger. You see when he was a baby he would play for hours till Walker Texas Ranger came on. Then I would snatch him up and no matter how much he wanted down I would just hold him. I had no idea they didn't like to be held but that didn't stop me LOL. He soon learned that at 7 PM it would be snuggle time weather he wanted to or not :-). Then one day Walker went off the air so I just let him play during that time but of course I played with him and he seemed to enjoy that a lot more than the snuggle time. Besides now he also had Joey and Phoebe to play with too. A few months later while I was watching Cody Joey and Phoebe play and flipping the TV box to see what was on TV, low and behold Walker. He was now on at five PM instead of seven PM. The theme song for Walker came on and Cody must have heard it and connected with snuggle time because he came running from across the room as fast as his little legs would bring him. He climbed up and curled up on my chest :-). He must have connected the theme song with cuddle time with his Mommy. So you see even babies will learn to cuddle and even like it but like me you may have to insist at first.

    Today because of this sweet little boy, ferret math struck. I have adopted nine ferrets from The Greensburg shelter and I have taken in a few on my own. My Vet DR Joseph Raught also saw to it that I added a few more when people would call him, he refereed them to me. With all the ferrets that were coming out of the woodwork here in New Castle, I decided it was time for our town to have a shelter so I have started my own but not alone. I have my Saviour, Jesus, with me each and every day to guide me. I also have lots of help from many ferret people especially Erin my dear friend from Warren, Ohio. Today I honor my little boy Cody who has made my life so full of joy. He along with the others keep me busy but, they have brought so much happiness and warmth into my life that one doesn't mind it at all. To you Cody who just turned two May 2, 2002, I thank you for all the love and blessings you give me each and everyday. My shelter which is Helping Hands Ferret Rescue, New Castle, Pa., came about because of one tiny little albino boy named Cody.

    I Love You With All My Heart

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