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June 23, 2002

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Zowie and Talbot, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zowie, Talbot
Age: 1 1/2 years, Two years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Netherlands Dwarf rabbit
Home: Jackson, Missouri, USA
   Our rabbits are Netherlands Dwarf rabbits who love to swim. Zowie likes it more than Talbot. Zowie will actually dive off the pillow of the air matt! They liked the Christmas tree too.

    Our Netherlands dwarf Buster died on a Thursday, and the following Monday we drove over 300 miles to get another rabbit just like him. We ended up with Talbot who is the gray bunny, looks nothing like Buster, but is the same breed of rabbit. Talbot listens very well, and is exceptionally smart. You tell him to go get into his bunny cage and he will do it. If he is running loose he will stand up on his hind legs to see who is laying on couch. He swims is our pool if you put him in the water, but he will swim to the raft and get on by himself.

    Talbot and Zowie cleaned out about $100 worth of beautiful flowers that I planted this past spring. We put a little pond in for them, and Talbot went swimming in it one day. Zowie doesn't listen as well as Talbot. She loves to swim too, but she will actually dive off of the pillow part of the raft, and then gets back on when she is done. We rescued Zowie from the Easter Bunny sell off that the pet stores participate in. She was a runt in a card board box with not much room to even move. She was in a corner being stumped on by bigger bunnies. We felt that Talbot needed a friend so we bought a double decker cage and Zowie. She would fit into the palm of your hand. Talbot did not take to her at first. He would grunt at her and nip her fur out. Now you can not separate the two. He actually puts his paw on her back like he is protecting her.

    Please consider the responsibility before buying your children pets just to celebrate a holiday. Don't teach your children at an early age that when your tired of taking care of a living thing that you can just toss it away.

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