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June 14, 2002

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Cecil B. Parrotlet, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cecil B. Parrotlet
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pacific Lucida Parrotlet
Home: Pasco, Washington, USA
   Cecil is a tremendous joy to have around. He is everything I ever wanted in a bird. He is playful, loving, feisty, very friendly and packed full of personality. Cecil is only about five months old and can already say several words and phrases. His favorite is to tell us he is "such a pretty, pretty bird". Cecil weighs 26 grams (less than a slice of bread!). He is a non-stop bundle of energy and he loves to play with his toys. His favorite toy is the slinky in the picture. It is hanging in his cage and he loves to bounce on it and climb through it.

    Parrotlets are the smallest avian species and are related to the Amazon parrots. People call them big parrots in a small body because they are full of attitude and spunk. Parrotlets are also known as pocket parrots because they are so small. Because they are so active, parrotlets require a lot of food to support their energy level. Cecil eats lots of fresh and dried vegetables, fruits and greens, cooked beans, pasta and grains, as well as fresh seeds and pellets.

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