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June 13, 2002

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Floppy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Floppy
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Holland Lop
Home: Hong Kong, China
   Floppy was such a cute little bunny when we bought her from the pet store last year. Then, just a few months later, our family went to Australia for the summer holidays and when we came back it was like a big shock for us. She completely changed! She suddenly became a lot plumper, had so much more fur and she put on a lot of weight. Anyways, Floppy is a pretty lazy bunny. She doesn't like to run around. She does have a companion named Draco. He's a little older than her, but they don't seem to really like each other. We often let her run around in our house and on the balcony, but she seems to prefer to stay in her cage. Floppy also likes to eat a lot. She would fight for her food by pushing Draco away, no wonder he doesn't like her. Sometimes I think she's a spoiled bunny. If she's really hungry, she would nudge the cage door so we'd feed her snacks.

    Although Floppy isn't such a goody-goody bunny, she's very obedient and likes us a lot. When she does come out of the cage, she'd lie down by her favorite spot beside the mirror. When she is in a good temper, she'd let us dress her up. I also think it's really neat that Floppy seems to understand a little bit of the stuff we say. She sure recognized her name, and she knows that she need to go back to the balcony when we say "go home". Floppy sometimes isn't very obedient, she would nibble on the corners of our sofa, chew on the wallpapers on the corners of our walls... When we find out, we just have to say,"No Floppy." Then that would really scare her, she'd head the other direction and run away full speed. Anyways, Floppy is after all a very cuddly and sweet bunny, she likes it when hug her or stoke her fur, but she would never let us cradle her. I think Floppy is a really special bunny.

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