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June 6, 2002

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Mr. B, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mr. B
Age: Eighteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini Rex Castor
Home: Southern California, USA
   Mr. B is a house rabbit and a perfect house rabbit at that. He has a lovely tri-level condo that his mom and dad built for him but most of the time he is free to roam the rooms he is allowed in. In good weather he can also go outside to the fenced and covered patio and he loves to binkie back & forth between the patio and the family room. He has perfect litter box habits and is a very gentile pet. He knows his name and most of the time he comes to us when he is called. We have had him since he was six weeks old. His favorite treats are craisins and canned pumpkin. You can see more pictures of him at his website.

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