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June 2, 2002

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Bundles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bundles
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Elgin, Illinois, USA
   Bundles is very special because we found him running around our neighborhood, a month or so after Easter last year. Guess someone else got tired of him and let him go. We consider ourselves very lucky to have him, and he is lucky he was not hit by a car. He is the sweetest and gentlest bunny we ever had, and the best potty-trained. He never nips or punches anyone, and he wants to be friends with our other three bunnies, but they are mean and try to pick a fight if put into the same cage. As a result of his gentleness he is allowed to run around the house much more than they are. He is also quite the hairdresser as the picture shows. Anyone with short hair who sits on the couch receives a free styling, with unpredictable results. For some reason he likes to lick the hair on the back of peoples' heads if it is short. He will do this for ten minutes or more. Maybe it is because the other rabbits won't let him groom them, so he grooms people instead, or maybe it is because he knows who goes to the store to buy the raisins! He likes to go outside and run around the yard on his leash, eat raisins and tasty greens, and go exploring. After searching for an hour, I once found him up in the attic. He had to climb two flights of stairs and push two doors open to get up there. I learned to keep the doors closed all the way after that episode. He is the sweetest little guy!

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