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Ernie the Blue Crowned Conure Ernie
Blue Crowned Conure
Ashford, Connecticut, USA
June 01, 2002

Bundles the Rabbit Bundles
Elgin, Illinois, USA
June 02, 2002

Arkie the Senegal Parrot Arkie
Senegal Parrot
San Diego, California, USA
June 03, 2002

Oedipus, Maude the Green Iguanas Oedipus, Maude
Green Iguanas
Charleston, South Carolina, USA
June 04, 2002

Martha, Hazel the Gerbils Martha, Hazel
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
June 05, 2002

Mr. B the Mini Rex Castor Mr. B
Mini Rex Castor
Southern California, USA
June 06, 2002

Beta the Dwarf Hamster Beta
Dwarf Hamster
June 07, 2002

Weetie the Quaker Parrot Weetie
Quaker Parrot
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
June 08, 2002

Weetie the Pygmy Goat Weetie
Pygmy Goat
Maryland, USA
June 09, 2002

Honey the Sun Conure Honey
Sun Conure
Nashville, Georgia, USA
June 10, 2002

Snowball the Danish Guinea Pig Snowball
Danish Guinea Pig
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 11, 2002

Charizma the Hedgehog Charizma
New York, USA
June 12, 2002

Floppy the Holland Lop Floppy
Holland Lop
Hong Kong, China
June 13, 2002

Cecil B. Parrotlet the Pacific Lucida Parrotlet Cecil B. Parrotlet
Pacific Lucida Parrotlet
Pasco, Washington, USA
June 14, 2002

Duncan the Dumbo Rat Duncan
Dumbo Rat
Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
June 15, 2002

Pepper the Goat Pepper
June 16, 2002

Kräket the Savannah Monitor Kräket
Savannah Monitor
Stockholm, Sweden
June 17, 2002

Bunty the Netherland dwarf rabbit Bunty
Netherland dwarf rabbit
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
June 18, 2002

Rhaco the Crested Gecko Rhaco
Crested Gecko
Black Lake, Québec, Canada
June 19, 2002

Henry, Lola the Sugar Gliders Henry, Lola
Sugar Gliders
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
June 20, 2002

Katrina the Morgan, Arabian cross Katrina
Morgan, Arabian cross
Naples, Florida, USA
June 21, 2002

Nelly the Black Gold fish Nelly
Black Gold fish
Palm Harbor, Florida, USA
June 22, 2002

Zowie, Talbot the Netherlands Dwarf rabbit Zowie, Talbot
Netherlands Dwarf rabbit
Jackson, Missouri, USA
June 23, 2002

Ayeka the Fancy Hamster Ayeka
Fancy Hamster
Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA
June 24, 2002

Comet the Mini Rex Rabbit Comet
Mini Rex Rabbit
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
June 25, 2002

Cody the Albino Ferret Cody
Albino Ferret
New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA
June 26, 2002

Chilo the Congo African Grey Chilo
Congo African Grey
Houston, Texas, USA
June 27, 2002

Brownie the Guinea Pig Brownie
Guinea Pig
June 28, 2002

Charm the Quarter Horse Charm
Quarter Horse
Michigan, USA
June 29, 2002

Skippy the Mini Rex Rabbit Skippy
Mini Rex Rabbit
Simi Valley, California, USA
June 30, 2002

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