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July 30, 2002

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Harold and Chester, the Pets of the Day
Name: Harold, Chester
Age: Three months, two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Coronet, Teddy Guinea Pig
Home: Reno, Nevada, USA
   This is a picture of Chester and Harold. Chester is the two-year-old cream, black, and white Coronet guinea pig. Harold is still a baby, he is only three months old. Both of these boys were rescues, but were adopted by a terrific family in Reno, NV.

    These two super cute boys who were adopted from HM Cavy Rescue in Sparks. Chester loves people and likes parsley, too. Harold is a funny little guy who looks like a Brillo pad. He is a bit shy, but thinks Chester is his dad, and follows him everywhere. We are glad they are together in a happy home now!

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