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July 27, 2002

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Meeny, Miney, the Pets of the Day
Name: Meeny, Miney
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Carp
Home: Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA
   Miney and Meeny (the twins) are a pair of goldfish which we got nine months ago as little anonymous fish. Since then they have developed personalities along with size - now they are nine inches long and not yet full grown. They expect breakfast when their tank lights go on in the morning. If we 'forget' they tend to thrash around and splash to let us know we are neglecting them. Yet we know they would be just fine if they missed a meal or two. We have had to move them into a new larger tank, and separate them from their smaller tank-mates, Moe, Moe-let, and Eeny, who were too dominated by these large rascals. They provide hours of entertainment for the cats (this is the cats' website) Li'l Bit, Ki'Ki and Boo-grrs, and for us!

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