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July 25, 2002

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Amelia, the Pet of the Day
Name: Amelia
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Rex
Home: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
   When I first saw Amelia I knew she was the bunny for me. I was at the pet store looking at the bunnies. I only saw four rabbits at first, until one of them moved. Then I saw the cutest little rabbit. I took her into my arms and cuddled her. My mom tried to persuade me to get a male, because females cost more to get spayed, but I still wanted Amelia, the little rabbit.

    Now when Amelia comes out to play, she listens for me to say it's okay to go hop around. When she gets really excited she will do a little twitchy jump, I never thought a rabbit could jump so high!!! Amelia's favorite game is copy-cat. When I shake my hands and then rub my face she will start to wash her face too,it is so cute. We did nothing to train her to use the litter box, she taught it to herself and has never had an accident! When I lay on the ground she will come over and lay next to me. She loves to cuddle. Every morning when I feed her parsley she will give me a grunt of a thanks!

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