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July 24, 2002

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Jewels, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jewels
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Iguana
Home: Osan Airbase, Republic of Korea
   Hi! I am a Captain in the US Air Force stationed at Osan Airbase, Republic of Korea, and this is our squadron mascot, Jewels. His rank is Chief Master Mascot.

    Jewels is a two-year old Iguana who serves as the mascot of the 25th Fighter Squadron. Our squadron namesake is the "Assam Draggins," named for warriors of years past. Jewels is the perfect mascot, because he bears such a remarkable resemblance to the "Draggin" on our squadron patch!! Although he maintains such a menacing and intimidating appearance, he is very friendly to the troops of the 25th here in Korea. He likes to keep warm is his lair by cozying up to his heat lamp, and can get highly mobile when a praying mantis enters his domain!! His picture here depicts his "Draggin Pose" as he represents our squadron on our official squadron rock. No mascot has better served his troops, or his country!

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