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July 21, 2002

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Q-Tip, the Pet of the Day
Name: Q-Tip
Age: Deceased
Gender: Male
Kind: Rhinelander rabbit
Home: Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
   This is Q-Tip. I found him at a no-kill shelter where he had been for three years in a small 1.5 foot cube of a cage (and Q-Tip was a big rabbit, weighing eleven pounds). The guy at the shelter told me he almost got adopted a couple of times, but the people never came back. I really felt that if I didn't adopt him, no one ever would and he would spend the rest of his days in the back of the shelter in that small cage. I'd never had a rabbit before, and I didn't think they even got this big, but I couldn't leave him in the shelter, so I took him home the very next day (I needed to get all the supplies before I could adopt him).

    He took to his new home immediately, and I knew that he knew this was his home. His favorite treat was cinnamon graham crackers and banana yogurt dips, and his favorite foods were carrot tops and celery leaf. He had free run of the house, and he loved to lay behind the blinds by the sliding glass door. Every now and then he'd come tearing out of there, spooked by a raccoon or other curious animal that came onto the balcony. For a bunny that spent such a long time cooped up in a cage, he sure could run when he wanted to. Whenever I had visitors, if he liked them he showed it by chewing on their shoes and tossing their keys around. He loved eating when I was eating - whenever I would eat, he'd run into his cage and eat start eating too, so we always dined together. He also loved tipping over drinks, and he soon learned to check what the drink was - if it was water, I'd only throw down a towel, but if it was something else I'd have to use the carpet shampooer and he didn't like the noise, so he learned to only tip over glasses with water in them. He passed away in his sleep after four and a half years with me, and I was heart-broken, but he definitely had an impact on my life. After a little while I rescued another rabbit, and the story continues.

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