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July 18, 2002

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Rio, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rio
Age: Ten years, three weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Catalina Macaw
Home: Windflower Ranch, San Antonio, Texas, USA
   This is our macaw, Rio de Colores (river of colors). Here is Rio in his favorite play area - our Ladybanks Rose Bush. What makes him special: Rio was our first hand-fed baby. From the beginning, he bonded equally with me and my husband, and he is an absolute joy. Rio is highly intelligent, spoiled (as it should be) and has a great personality. He is 37 inches long from head to tail. He's a clown, a rascal, and is "Mommy's Little Monkey." He has an extensive vocabulary and a great laugh! He and his buddy, Saul (our Military Macaw) sing and dance to the music of our jukebox every evening. Rio loves to have a little snuggle with me every night before he goes to bed. I roll him over in my arms and tickle his tummy; he flails his feet in the air and lets out a huge laugh. Then I "nibble" on his "drumstick", and he yells, "Ow!", then laughs again. Finally, I grasp him by both feet and hoist him upside down over my head, and he shouts, "Wheeeee!" Then he says, "Night-night," letting me know he's ready for bed. When I put him to bed, he always whispers, "I love you." When he's ready to come out of his cage the next morning, he issues a sharp, "Come on, let's go" - always reminding me who's boss!

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