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July 12, 2002

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Leo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Leo
Age: Four and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lionhead Rabbit
Home: Santa Rosa, California, USA
   Leo is an imported European rabbit, he flew into Washington State along with three other Lionhead rabbits. They then did the drive from Washington to Santa Rosa, California with me. They have seen a lot of land. The Lionhead rabbit is fairly new to the U.S., they have been on the East Coast for a couple years, but people on the West Coast are also falling in love with them.

    Leo has a great disposition and lives in the house with seven other rabbits, two cockatiels, two cats, two dogs, two children, two adults and an iguana. Everyone has been falling in love with Leo, and his other Lionhead friends, too. We are hoping the ARBA will accept the breed when they are presented in 2004.

    Leo's mane, like all Lionhead rabbits, is created by a "mane gene." You must have a lionhead rabbit to have the mane gene, they can then be bred to other non-maned lionheads to produce mane on offspring. I am thoroughly enjoying Leo and his friends and am so glad they have come into my life. Leo is a very special boy!

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