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July 9, 2002

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Gracie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gracie
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Singapore
   Gracie is a very adorable and intelligent rabbit. She likes to lie really close to me when I sit on the floor so that I can pat her. Her favorite pastime, as you can see, is eating and she gets really excited when I say "treat, treat!" You will see her jumping and running around the room as she just doesn't know how to hide her excitement! :) She also enjoys carrying her toilet tubes around the room and playing with the plastic balls I bought for her. I like seeing her run around the room with the toilet tube in her mouth because she looks really cute when she does that. You can tell that she is happy when she keeps showing off her little leaps of joy in the air and you can tell that she is in a bad mood when she stamps her hind feet really loud on the floor and grunts at you. But she is still my rabbit and she will always be very special to me... :)

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