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July 7, 2002

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Mandy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mandy
Age: Thirteen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Skunk
Home: USA
   Hi, this is Mandy my pet domestic skunk. Mandy is a smoke colored domestic skunk and is the best pet I have ever owned, or should I say that has ever owned me. Mandy is full of energy, she loves to play, and loves to cuddle. I can honestly say that Mandy makes me smile from the inside out. Mandy is now thirteen months old, and is as wonderful as ever. Mandy is so very special to us. It is so hard to say why an animal is special other than we enjoy her so very much. She always follows me around the house, she runs to the bed when she hears me move in the bed in the morning. I fake her out by not getting up and she goes back to where she was laying and waits till I move again. I can only pull this on her a couple of times because after that she climbs up in the bed to make me get up by using her feet on my head. She sleeps with us in the bed at night for a few hours then goes to a spot she chose to have her bed.

    Mandy is very affectionate, she loves to cuddle in my lap, she love to play and is very energetic. Skunks, or at least Mandy, is like a combination of having a cat and a dog all in one. She plays like both, follows like a dog, loves her toys, and does tricks like a dog. Mandy uses a litter box like a cat. Mandy is very fast at learning her tricks. She can "Give you five", she "Sits" on command, She "lays down", and she does a great job at walking on a leash. We are working on other tricks. She is very eager to please, and loves to show off for us. Her favorite play is to chase me and have me turn and chase her and back again. She is an endless furball of energy.

    The larger picture is of what she does when she is playing and showing off. She is actually showing off for me, I am always asking her, "Where's your tail?" and she does that because I clap my hands and laugh from my heart. She knows it and does it again to please me. But I also give her a treat most of the time. Also, in the wild this is very close to what a skunk will take the stance to spray if you didn't take the other warnings. They stomp their front feet a few times. Mandy even does that if she is frightened of something like a strange dog coming to visit. Or she walks really heavy with her front feet. Every time she takes a step you can hear it like, slap, slap. She is just the most exciting and precious pet I have ever had.

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