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July 4, 2002

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Winston, the Pet of the Day
Name: Winston
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Solomon Island Eclectus
Home: Coconut Creek, South Florida, USA
   Presenting Winston, my baby Solomon Island Eclectus, his hatching day was December 18th, 2001.

    How I would love for you to hear Winston. He is in ecstasy right now! It is pouring rain, fine rain, and it's extremely hot and humid here in Coconut Creek, South Florida. The sound of the rain hitting the roof the large screened area on the patio was driving Winston to make all sorts of joyful sounds. He is so excited - so very excited. You'd love it!

    I decided to place him in the rain a little, and I took a picture - you can see his joy! I have never seen him so alive, so happy! I sure wish you could all hear him! It makes me happy just to watch him, he is like a child. He is overwhelmed and shows it with all these beautiful sounds, I swear I heard him mumbling "I love you " LOL!! Oh, how I wish you could all feel, hear and see his happiness. It's beautiful... and so, of course, is he!

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