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July 2, 2002

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Ziggy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ziggy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: England
   Ziggy is a delightful, friendly and fluffy two-year-old male guinea pig. He got his name as the white stripe down his nose was in a little zigzag when he was born -not any more though, as you can see! Amongst his favorite pastimes are strutting around the house chuntering merrily to himself, tucking himself away in a nice hay filled box, begging for parsley and chomping on the grass outside. However, his main passion, without a shadow of a doubt are the lady pigs! Since he had 'the snip' he has been the king of rumblestrutting and will purr and wiggle his bottom after glancing so much as a female paw. The girls often exploit this diversion tactic while they try to pinch his share of the dandelions and carrots! You can see stacks of pictures and some animations of him and his chums at Treen's Pigs!

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