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July 1, 2002

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Duncan, the Pet of the Day
Name: Duncan
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lesser Jardine's Parrot
Home: Woodridge, Illinois, USA
   Duncan is my Lesser Jardine's parrot who hatched December 31, 2001. He is my second parrot from the Poicephalus family and stands behind everything that I have ever read about his kind (except for the "Jattitude" - I have yet to experience that). He's everything I have ever wanted in a parrot and more!

    By the time I had Duncan for about three weeks, it seemed as if he's been here forever. He's such a sweetie and loves to be cradled in my arms as I preen his face. He doesn't nip on my face or fingers anymore although he will gnaw on my boyfriend's finger when we hang out together (jealousy?).

    He doesn't talk yet but he recently picked up my Cockatiels high-pitched version of the wolf whistle. He's a very curious parrot who will explore anything that he observes me doing. He loves to play with balled up pieces of paper and q-tips. He loves veggies, nuts, spaghetti, and blue berry muffins. He hates when I leave him and I hate when I have to! He has a long wonderful life ahead of him and I can't wait to live it with him! Thinking of getting a Jardine's? Don't hesitate! Duncan is sweet, cuddly, very playful, explorative, and quiet! What a perfect package!

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