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Duncan the Lesser Jardine's Parrot Duncan
Lesser Jardine's Parrot
Woodridge, Illinois, USA
July 01, 2002

Ziggy the Guinea Pig Ziggy
Guinea Pig
July 02, 2002

Goofy the Albino Ferret Goofy
Albino Ferret
Texas, USA
July 03, 2002

Winston the Solomon Island Eclectus Winston
Solomon Island Eclectus
Coconut Creek, South Florida, USA
July 04, 2002

Tony the American Quarter Horse Tony
American Quarter Horse
Naples, Florida, USA
July 05, 2002

Butter the Cow Butter
Texas, USA
July 06, 2002

Mandy the Skunk Mandy
July 07, 2002

Cadence the Budgerigar Cadence
Methuen, Massachusetts, USA
July 08, 2002

Gracie the Rabbit Gracie
July 09, 2002

Blackberry the black Syrian hamster Blackberry
black Syrian hamster
Chicago, Illinois, USA
July 10, 2002

Zazu the Major Mitchell Cockatoo Zazu
Major Mitchell Cockatoo
July 11, 2002

Leo the Lionhead Rabbit Leo
Lionhead Rabbit
Santa Rosa, California, USA
July 12, 2002

Leigh the Cacomistle Leigh
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
July 13, 2002

Baby Girl the Sun Conure Baby Girl
Sun Conure
Reston, Virginia, USA
July 14, 2002

Oliver the Guinea Pig Oliver
Guinea Pig
Tucson, Arizona, USA
July 15, 2002

Oreo the Dutch Oreo
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
July 16, 2002

Vader the Grey Chinchilla Vader
Grey Chinchilla
New Jersey, USA
July 17, 2002

Rio the Catalina Macaw Rio
Catalina Macaw
Windflower Ranch, San Antonio, Texas, USA
July 18, 2002

Heidi the Catalina Macaw Heidi
Catalina Macaw
Lambertville, New Jersey, USA
July 19, 2002

Omni the Thoroughbred Omni
Kalispell, Montana, USA
July 20, 2002

Q Tip the Rhinelander rabbit Q Tip
Rhinelander rabbit
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
July 21, 2002

Charlie the Cockatiel Charlie
Methuen, Massachusetts, USA
July 22, 2002

Angel the Ferret Angel
St. Alban's, Newfoundland, Canada
July 23, 2002

Jewels the Iguana Jewels
Osan Airbase, Republic of Korea
July 24, 2002

Amelia the Mini Rex Amelia
Mini Rex
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
July 25, 2002

Nibbler the Guinea Pig Nibbler
Guinea Pig
Annandale, Virginia, USA
July 26, 2002

Meeny, Miney the Carp Meeny, Miney
Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA
July 27, 2002

Rocky the Rabbit Rocky
Columbia, South Carolina, USA
July 28, 2002

Brodie the Congo African Grey Parrot Brodie
Congo African Grey Parrot
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
July 29, 2002

Harold, Chester the Coronet, Teddy Guinea Pig Harold, Chester
Coronet, Teddy Guinea Pig
Reno, Nevada, USA
July 30, 2002

Nub, Bogey the Quaker Parrots Nub, Bogey
Quaker Parrots
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
July 31, 2002

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