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January 28, 2002

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Missy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Missy
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Triton Cockatoo
Home: Milton Keynes, England
   This is our Triton Cockatoo called Missy. What makes her special is that every time anyone walks in the room she says HELLO and you would swear blind an angel was speaking... then she wants out for a cuddle. We have three African Greys in our household as well as Missy, but she is the boss. When the Greys are out she swoops down on them to frighten them and if you seen it you would think she was wild, but she has a very sweet side and just loves to be cuddled. Her favorite trick is playing with a rather large orange plastic toy which she throws off the top of her cage half way across the room then flies down and gets it again and takes it back to the top of her cage. We do however have one problem with her, she won't sleep in her cage at night, she demands we take her to bed with us. She comes into bed with Mum and Dad and plays hide and seek under the bed covers for about 20 minutes then climbs on her stand next to our bed and thats her happy till about 6am when she wakens us by flying down for a morning cuddle saying "hello" with her angel like voice. I am sure as she gets older she will talk lots more - two of the Greys we have never stop talking.

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