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January 25, 2002

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Sophie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sophie
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini-lop Rabbit
Home: Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
   What isn't special about Miz Sophie Marie?! Sophie is my first bunny and she's a never-ending miracle! I bought Sophie from a Pet Shop - not the best place, I know - but it was love at first sight! (Also, I think they were trying to pass her off as snake food!) Little did I know that Miz Sophie was very sick. At first, Sophie would not drink from her water bottle; turns out she didn't know how! Likewise, I had to teach her bunny things to eat! (She was eating her bedding instead of her food.) The vet believes she was taken away from her mommy too soon and therefore didn't know the "bunny" things to do. At one point in time, the vet gave me a less than 40% survival rate for Sophie. But my miracle girl pulled through!

    I suppose, after saving her life, she was only returning the favor as she helped pull me out of depression. During this time, when she was let out of her cage to play, she never left my side. She would sit in my lap or lay down beside me or sit at my feet, but not once did she leave me alone!

    Sophie is a funny rabbit. She hates socks and will nip your feet when you wear them. She "terrorizes" our boxer, Sara. (Hard to believe that a 60 pound dog is terrified of a five pound bunny!) She loves to tunnel underneath the covers. She knows the rattle of the treat bag by heart and will come running when she hears it. Pineapple juice and parsley are her favorite goodies. She will also stop everything and watch the Disney movie Hercules when it comes on (that Pegasus is such a hottie, isn't he?). Sophie is full of kisses and cuddles. And to all you single bucks out there, sorry but Miz Sophie has an on-going love affair with my Eeyore slipper! When I first brought her home, she weighed 0.4 pounds. She is now five pounds of healthy, hopping, mischief and I wouldn't dream of having it any other way!

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