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January 24, 2002

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Ziggy and Georgie, the Pets of the Day
Name: Ziggy, Georgie
Age: Ten, Seven years old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Harlequin, Blue and Gold macaw
Home: Washington, USA
   Ziggy is a Harlequin macaw (mixed blue and gold and greenwing) and Georgie is a blue and gold macaw. We have had Ziggy since she was about three years old. We bought her from a bird breeder and fell in love with her in an instant! The minute we walked in the door she was whistling at us, trying to get our attention, and saying... "Here kitty, kitty kitty... meow" and calling the pet cat into the room! The minute we took her home, we noticed she had a personality of her own. She loves to cuddle in the sheets and rolls over on her back and sings at a high pitched tune with me. The minute the closet door is open, she goes flying into there, laughing (like Oprah Winfrey) and says "Quack Quack" Recently she started imitating the dog next door...and when we say..."where is Zeus" (the German Shepherd) she'll say, "ruff ruff" Just the other day...I came home and I heard..."Valerie, gimme a kiss, don't go bye bye." She has a huge vocabulary, and picks up words, only when she wants to! She will even imitate a motorcycle going by... by saying... "vroooom, vroooom..." and she almost knows when they shift gears...because she'll pause in between! Her latest is hearing the phone ring, and before we can pick it up, she'll babble... "helllooooooo hello hello, huuuhhhh..." almost like she knows what we will say.

    We have had Georgie since a baby. We still have his egg at home. Macaws eggs are about half the size of a regular store bought egg. His favorite acts are playing can say "bang" and he will flip over on his back and tilt his head over like he is actually dead!

    When we told him, "No, No, bad bird, don't bite" and shook our finger at him, he picked up on it, so now he'll say "No, No, don't bite," and shake his paw up and down! The vet says he has high cholesterol so we have to cut back on the nuts for now, which doesn't make him too much of a happy camper. He loves car rides and will sit almost on the dash looking around at anything he can see. He picked up when things are dropped to say, "uh oh" His vocabulary his growing day by day... it's almost having about a three-year-old for life! They are great!

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